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Powerpoint slide is commonly uses for make visual presentation. They can be real good at giving info but sometimes you need to take out some slides from a presentation. This might be because stuff change in the content or you want to make your message clearer or just want to shorten how long the talk is.

In our blog we guides you on how to delete a Powerpoint slide step by step. It don’t matter if you’s just starting out or have been around the block, this guide’ll give the info you need for get rid of unwanted slides from your presentation. We also talks about some handy tips and tricks for pick lots of slides and wipe them all in one go.

Alright let’s begin and learn how deleting powerpoint slides!

What is Powerpoint?

Powerpoint be an presentation software developed by Microsoft. It first came out in 1987 and has became one of the most popular tool for make visual presentations. Powerpoint let user to combines text images charts graphs videos and other multimedia elements for create dynamic and engaging slideshows.

This software got lots of design templates and ways to change them up so peoples of every skill can use it good. It make sharing presentations simple too even when lots of folk are working together on it.

Powerpoint have become a crucial instrument in lot of sectors and areas like education business marketing and others. It be used for many reasons like giving talks, pitching concepts to client or investor, leading training sessions and showing research results. With it easy-to-use interface and adaptive features Powerpoint has change how info is share and talk about.

Why Delete Powerpoint Slide?

Powerpoint slides they be a strong way to communicate but sometimes you need get rid of some slides from your presentation. Some typical reasons for slide deletion includes:

Change things in presentation: When working on your own presentation you might sees that some stuff ain’t needed or important no more. In them situations it’s better to take out them slides so your talks keep sharp and stay right on the mark.

Simplifying the presentation: At times a presentation might got too many slides which can makes it long and confusing for viewers. In these situations taking out slides that isn’t needed helps make the message more clear and has more impact.

Time limitation: Talks is usually done inside certain time period, and taking out slides helps you keeps in them boundaries. That be particularly helpful when show to big crowds or professional situations where managing the times are essential.

How to Delete Powerpoint Slide

Person is in doubt whether to press the Delete key or not. Heavy decision do it or not.

We’ve gone over the simple stuff about what Powerpoint be and why you might need to pick delete slide from your presentation let dive into how actually take them out. Do these easy steps for get rid a slide from your slides in powerpoint presentation:

We’ve gone over the simple stuff of what Powerpoint be and why you might need to get rid of a slide from your slideshow now we gets into how to actually do it. Keep up with this easy steps for taking out a slide from you slides in a powerpoint presentation:

Open your presentation

To remove a slide from them PowerPoint you need to open the presentation first. You could do that by double-click on file or opening it through Powerpoint app. After your presentation is open him can go ahead and select which slide they wants to get rid of.

Remember you only can remove slides when you are on “Normal” viewing mode. If you finds yourself in another view like the “Slide Sorter” or “Reading” they must click the “View” tab that’s at your screen top and choose “Normal” for switching modes.

Select the slide(s) you want to delete

To remove just one slide you clicks on them in that navigation panel for slides what’s on the left edge of your screen. A selected slide gonna be all lit up showing that it is set to be got rid of.

When you need picking many slides don’t let go the “Ctrl” key on your keyboard and click all them slides you wishing to remove. You could also press and pull for select a bunch of slides or use them keyboard shortcuts like “Shift + Click” for choose many slides that come one after another.

Right-click on the selected slide(s)

After you choosed the slide or slides to remove right-click on a chosen slide. A menu gonna show up with different choices.

Click on “Delete” or press the “Delete” key on your keyboard

On the dropdown menu hit “Delete” this remove selected slide or slides out your presentation You could press “Delete” key on keyboard too for a quick way do this step.

Confirm deletion by clicking “Yes” when prompted

After you click “Delete” a prompt will shows up and ask if you are sure they want to delete the chosen slide or slides. If they clicks on “Yes”, this confirms it and finishes the deleting process.

Great job you has successfully got rid of a Powerpoint slide! Do the same process for any other slides you wants to delete from youre presentation.

Tips and Tricks for Deleting Multiple Slides

If you have a large presentation with many slides, selecting and deleting them one by one can be time-consuming. Here are some useful tips and tricks for deleting multiple slides at once:

  • Use the keyboard shortcut: As mentioned earlier, you can press “Ctrl + Click” or “Shift + Click” to select multiple slides and then press the “Delete” key on your keyboard to delete them all at once.

  • Use the “Slide Sorter” view: In this view, you can see a visual representation of all your slides in one place. You can click and drag your cursor to select multiple slides or use the same keyboard shortcuts mentioned above. Once selected, right-click on any of the slides and click on “Delete” to remove them.

  • Use the “Outline” view: This view displays all your presentation’s text content in a list format. You can easily select and delete multiple slides by clicking and dragging over the slide titles or using the keyboard shortcuts mentioned above.

  • Use the “Selection pane”: This feature allows you to view and manage all the objects on your slides. You can select multiple slides from here and delete them by right-clicking and selecting “Delete”.

  • Use “Section” feature: Powerpoint allows you to group slides into sections, making it easier to manage and delete them in bulk. Simply right-click on the slide and select “Add Section”. You can then move slides between different sections and delete entire sections at once.

  • Undo/Redo: If you accidentally delete a slide or change your mind, you can use the “Undo” feature to revert the deletion. Additionally, you can also use the “Redo” feature if you change your mind again.

Does Deleting Slides Affect the Presentation’s Design?

Short responses being no erasing slides don’t mess with the presentation design. Powerpoint keep all them format and design details apart from content which means you can remove or shuffle slides around without changing how your presentation look overall.

Firstly Powerpoint got a feature name “Master Slide” what let you do design changes for all your slides in one go. It means that even if you delete some slide the others still keeps the same design like before.

Furthermore when you use pre-designed themes or templates for your presentation getting rid of slides won’t mess with design elements on other slides they stays the same. Changes that you done like font switching or color adjustments is going to stay as is.

But if you manually make design adjustments to certain slides these changes might get messed up when you deletes the slide. Say for example, you put a special background picture on one of your slide and then delete them that background images will be gone from all of your presentation.

Make sure if you remove a slide what got animations or transitions them bells and whistles gets took off from the presentation too. It really important to look again before you goes and delete slides that has stuff like that on it.

Can You Restore Deleted Slides?

backup, undo, reload

You has accidentally deleted a slide and wants it back don’t fret there still ways to retrieve it. PowerPoint have an “Undo” function that let you to go back on your last actions include the delete of slides.

You can hit the “Undo” button on the toolbar or push “Ctrl + Z” on your keyboard for bring back a deleted slide but remember these feature only work if you ain’t made no other changes to your presentation after deleting the slides.

In case you’ve done other modifications them can still get back the slide what’s gone by moving to “File” menu and press on “Info”. Next you hit on “Manage Presentation” followed with “Recover Unsaved Presentations” which pop up every unsaved presentation including one what got your lost slide. Just choose it and load up that file for bringing your deleted slide back.

If you permanently erase a slide by emptying the recycle bin or use third-party file recovery software it might not be possible for restoring them. That’s why it is crucial to double check before you get rid of any slides from your presentation forever.


How do I delete a slide in Microsoft PowerPoint?

To delete a slide in Microsoft PowerPoint, first ensure you are in the “Normal” view where you can see the slide thumbnails on the left side of the screen. Find the slide you wish to delete in the left slide list by scrolling through the slide thumbnails. Once you’ve located the slide, click on its thumbnail to select it, then simply press the “Delete” key on your keyboard. The slide will be immediately removed from your PowerPoint file.

Can I delete a PowerPoint slide online using Office 365 or Microsoft’s web app?

Yes, you can delete a PowerPoint slide online using Office 365 or the Microsoft PowerPoint web app. Open your PowerPoint file in the web app, and just like in the desktop version, navigate to the slide you wish to remove by clicking on its page thumbnail in the left-hand panel. Once selected, right-click on the slide thumbnail and choose “Delete Slide” from the context menu. Your slide will be deleted from the presentation.

Is there a way to quickly delete multiple slides in PowerPoint?

To quickly delete multiple slides in PowerPoint, click on the first slide thumbnail you want to delete in the left slide list. Then, hold down the “Ctrl” key (Command on Mac) and click on additional slide thumbnails to select more than one slide. After selecting all the slides you wish to delete, press the “Delete” key on your keyboard, and all selected slides will be removed at once from your PowerPoint file.

What does “Hide Slide” mean, and how is it different from “Delete Slide”?

The “Hide Slide” feature in PowerPoint allows you to keep a slide in your PowerPoint file but prevents it from appearing during the slideshow presentation. To hide a slide, right-click on the slide’s thumbnail in the left slide list and select “Hide Slide.” The slide will remain in your file but will be skipped over during the presentation. This is different from “Delete Slide,” which completely removes the slide from your presentation.


Deleting slides from a Powerpoint presentation is a simple and straightforward process. You can do it in multiple ways, such as using the drop-down menu, keyboard shortcuts, or different views within Powerpoint. Additionally, you can also use features like “Sections” to group and manage your slides more efficiently.

Deleting slides does not affect the overall design of your presentation, as Powerpoint stores the design elements separately from the content. However, be cautious when deleting slides with animation or transition effects, as those will also be removed.

If you accidentally delete a slide, you can restore it by using the “Undo” feature or recovering unsaved presentations. However, it may not always be possible to recover permanently deleted slides.

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