How to Conclude a PowerPoint Presentation 7 Way You Can Do

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To make a strong ending slide for your PowerPoint show it’s critical for making sure the viewers remembers what them heard. Using different ways that hits hard you can sum up main things, get people to do something and make they remember what was the main thing of your talk.

In this situation talking about seven interesting ways to finish a talk makes it better for the people listening and improves how well the message is communicated as a whole. These techniques includes things like asking the audience to do something, telling stories, summarizing with pictures and using powerful quotes give speakers various tools for wrapping up what they want to say and making sure they’re remembered.

Adopting this methods promote involvement encourages them to act and make sure audiences leave with a deep comprehension of what the main points was in the talk.

Overview PowerPoint Features in the Conclusion Slide


The last slide in a PowerPoint presentation give you chances for using different features and stuff that’s in the program. These things can make your ending message stronger focus on important stuffs, and make their concluding part look better.

A good strategy are using animations or transitioning for pointing the audience attention at key info. This might involves making certain words or phrases stand out using arrows and other visual hints to lead audiences eyes also throwing in slide shifts to pack some excitement and liveliness into ending.

Presenters can also add multimedia stuff to they final slides like videos or sound bits that makes the main point stronger, pictures that show the important stuff, or interactive things like polls or surveys for making audience interested and get good feedback.

Moreover using different design parts like color patterns font styles and how things is placed can make a matching conclusion look good that goes together with the main idea of them show. Presenters should try balancing simple stuff with big effects making use of these designing tools careful to make their point better but not too much.

Importance of a Strong Conclusion

The end part of a presentation be those last slides which is the ultimate chance for making sure the people watching get the point and feel its importance. A good ending could really make or wreck the whole talk since it might stick in peoples’ minds long after. It important that folks remember what was said, so a strong finish can help ensure that your talk don’t just fade away but packs a punch. Plus it stop you from stopping too sudden or not giving answers to questions them might have.

Moreover, an effective conclusion reinforces the presenter’s credibility and showcases their expertise in the topic. It also demonstrates that the presenter comprehensively understands their content and can effectively communicate it to their audience. A strong conclusion can inspire action and motivate the audience to further explore the topic or take specific actions.

7 Ways to Conclude a PowerPoint Presentation

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Presentation slides alone cannot create an impactful conclusion; it requires a thoughtful and strategic approach. End a presentation on a high note by implementing these methods. Here are seven ways presenters can conclude their PowerPoint presentations to leave a lasting impression on their audience:

End with an Overt Call To Action:

Finish your talk by giving a direct and exact thing you want people do that fits with the big point of what they just heard. It makes them feel like they got to do something quick because of what they learnt, like tellng them “Go sign for we newsletter” or “Come see our website to get more stuff.”

Moreover presenters could offer listeners something they can hold onto like a handout or business cards with info on what steps to take regarding the presentation’s message. Ending by telling audience what to do make sure they ain’t left confused and give them an step they can actually take. Also it let the presenter keep in touch with people who listened even when their talk is over.

Use Storytelling Techniques:

Storytelling be a strong method for catching and keeping the attention of listeners. It make facts easier to relate to and remember by turning them into stories. Them who present can grab this strategy to craft an enthralling ending, telling a story about their own life, sharing research cases or little tales that link up with what they talking about main point. This let people feel something about what’s being said so it hits harder.

Storytelling also can helps presenters drive home a strong lesson or moral that is in line with presentation main message. This make for a unforgettable ending and give depth and layers to they presentation.

Recap Key Points Visually:

Presenters is also able to sum up their main points through visual parts like graphs pictures or charts. Displaying a visual summary do help in strengthen the information and make them simple for audience remembering. Them method are particular helpful while explain complicated datas or statistic.

Furthermore, adding visual aids helps interrupt the sameness of just using text slides and give a lively aspect to wrap up. Sameness make audience bored, and mix in visuals keep their attention all the way through. Peoples in business meetings focus more on what they see than what being said which makes summarizing with pictures a good way to finish off.

Inspire with Quotes:

Quotes is an ideal method for finishing a talk with inspiration. Speaker can choose strong quotes that fits well with their main point of the content to make sure they leave enduring impression on peoples. It might be words from a known person, a common phrase or maybe something that makes you think hard.

Speakers has the ability to give their message more depth and view by adding quotes into they’re ending. Every quote hold it’s own significance that could improve how listener perceive and grasp the presentation main points.

Encourage Audience Interaction:

Get the audience involved by getting them involve in quizes talks or question and answer times. This way make things more of a two-way street and let speakers hammer home important details also tackle any final doubts or worries that audience might be sitting on.

When presenters encourage interactions they creates a more lively and captivating ending that include the audience in active way. Audience’s engagement also help make them presentations stick in people minds better and have more of an effect.

End with a Call To Reflect:

When you ask the audience at the end of your talk to think about what they’ve picked up and ways they can use that in their own life or job it’s a good plan. This method gets people in the crowd to really chew over the stuff you showed them and makes them want to do something with their thoughts.

Moreover this methods can helps to strength the main messages in the presentation and make sure it stick with audiences even when presentations has ended. Presentation contents should be leaving peoples with things for ponder on and motivates they to keeps looking into subjects more deeply.

Use a Memorable Visual:

Presenters can finish their presentation with a strong visual like a picture, video or moving image. This method act as a visual sign for the audience to recall the main point of what they just seen and it gives them a solid picture in their mind. A memorable last image or clip can touch the emotions of peoples and makes the talk stick in their memory more better.

Additionally presenters might also employ a visual piece that connects with the presentation main message acting as a metaphor or symbol. Doing this adds layers to your ending and help making the audience grasp of important points more stronger.

Presenters got many methods to end up their PowerPoint slides so they leaves a strong mark on audiences. Recalling that an powerful ending be key for make a winning presentation.

Things to Avoid When Concluding a PowerPoint Presentation:

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Ending a PowerPoint presentation the right way is key to making an impactful memory in your audience’s minds. You need dodging certain things when you’re finishing up your talk.

  • Hastily Finish: Don’t end you talk sudden without the right summary or closure. You should make clear that your finishing and go over the main points talked about.

  • Wrapping things up you shouldn’t drop in fresh info or thoughts when you’re concluding. Just recap the key stuff and insights that’s already been shown.

  • Don’t just read off the slides for conclude your talk instead of that talk freely and involve with peoples by strengthening the main points with your own words.

  • If it relevant always remember to put a clear instruction for what you want your audience to do next like signing up for something, looking at more materials or do certain things because of what they seen in your presentation.

  • Keep your final thoughts short and to the point, it important to go over main ideas but don’t keep saying the same stuff over and over. Avoid too much of repeat what you already said. Keep that ending tight and on track.

  • When it time for questions or comments after you present don’t skip them or hurry past. You should talk to the audience and gives careful answers to their asking.

  • Loss of energy or excitement meant to keep up your vibe and keenness till the very last. A dull ending might leave a bad image on you audience so wind up strong and with certainty.

  • Not repeating the core point: Your ending need to make stronger your talk’s key message or thing you want them remember. Make sure they go away with a clear grasp of what you wants them tell.

  • You should always takes moment to thank audience for they time and attention. Showing thanks is professional and make a good impression.

  • Consider to include one visual summary slide that highlight all of the key points in you presentation. It help reinforcing they main messages and leaves lasting impacts on audience.

Keep these suggestions close and you’ll be able to end your PowerPoint talks with a bang that sticks in the memory of you audience. Don’t forgets to pick whatever concluding strategy works top for what your showing, whose watching, and the big goal you has in mind.

Alternative Ways to Conclude a Presentation:

The suggestions given earlier, they works good for ending a PowerPoint presentation but presenters could also be creative and use different ways to finish their talks. Ideas involves:

  • Interactive things to do: Rather than just asking for people to join in the speakers should put in interactive stuff like votes games or talk together as a group when they wrapping up.

  • Personal stories: If you share a story from your own experiences that is relevant to the subject of the presentation, it can help make a lasting and emotional bond with audience.

  • Q&A Panel is good to wrap up your talks. You can bring in some smart peoples like experts and people who works in the industry or others who knows thingies, then they can add more thoughts and handle any questions them audience might have.

  • Interactive Talk Session: Like they being on a question and answer team open forum discussions lets people have a easygoing and casual sharing of thoughts and views with the peoples in attendance.

  • Concluding with Resources Them provide like handouts links for articles and studies or more reading stuffs so they audience can learn more about topics what been talked over.

  • Speaker need to pick a ending method that fit with they talk’s goal and really grab they listeners. Always try for leave behind a powerful and unforgettable finish what make a big mark on your crowd.

Things to Consider before Crafting the Conclusion of your Presentation:

Before you finalizes the conclusion for they PowerPoint presentation here some points to thinks about:

Remember who you is talking to and what they likes. You gotta make sure your final thoughts stick with them peoples good.

Think about the reason or aim for you presentation. Does you wish to educate convince or amuse? This gonna dictate the feel and matter of your ending.

Make sure your ending ain’t too lengthy or brief it got to be succinct match up with everything else in how long the talk is.

Your ending part need to have good structure and be logical from main part of the talk. Don’t throw in new thoughts or suddenly leap to finishing without right going-overs.

Use visual stuff like pictures graphs or chart for back up you conclusion and they make it more fun and stick in peoples mind better.

Useful Phrases for Ending a Presentation:

There be a bunch of handy sayings that folk can use for wrapping up them PowerPoint shows:

  • “In conclusion…”

  • “To sum up…”

  • “To wrap things up…”

  • “As we come to the end of our presentation…”

  • Last, me want you keep in mind some important points…

  • I wishes that this presentation had gave you all some worthwhile understanding…

  • Thanks for giving me you time and attention I would be happy answering any question right now.

  • Me is grateful for the chance to spread what me know and what skills I gots with everybody here this day.

  • Let us consider what we learn today and ponder on how to use them in our daily life or job.

  • Make sure you picks words that fits the feel and intention behind you’re presentation.

Is it Necessary for Saying Thank You When Your Presentation Ends?

Absolutely thanking peoples and showing them gratitude when you finish a PowerPoint it’s really important. It lets people see your professional side and that you respects their time which makes them think good of you. But this ain’t the only thing you gotta do at the end of your talk. Remember to mix up saying thanks with other stuff like going over the main bits again or giving out more info they can look at later on.

Speakers must aim for a complete and powerful ending that properly share their key message engage the audience and creates a memorable impact.

Refer to the advice strategies and expressions provided in this manual for wrapping up your PowerPoint presentation with confidence. Remembering that it’s key to hold onto your vigor and excitement until everything wraps up you must repeat what is most important and express gratitude towards them listeners for giving they time and focus.


What is the importance of the final slide in a PowerPoint presentation?

The final slide of a PowerPoint presentation plays a crucial role as it leaves a lasting impression on the audience. It’s an opportunity to reinforce the key message and ensure that the entire presentation comes together cohesively. A well-crafted final slide helps in summarizing the main points and gives the audience a clear takeaway, making sure that what the audience remembers aligns with the presenter’s objectives.

How can I effectively deliver my final words in a business presentation?

Delivering your final words effectively in a business presentation involves carefully planning your closing remarks from the very beginning. Highlight the key message you want the audience to remember, and craft a compelling story or statement that encapsulates your main points. Use confident body language and presentation skills to engage the audience until the final moments, ensuring your message is impactful and memorable.

Why is it important to rehearse the conclusion of my PowerPoint presentation?

Rehearsing the conclusion of your PowerPoint presentation is essential for several reasons. It helps you refine your final words, ensuring they are impactful and aligned with the key message of your presentation. Practice also improves your public speaking and presentation skills, allowing you to deliver your closing remarks with confidence and poise. Additionally, rehearsing helps you manage your time effectively, ensuring you end on a strong note within the allocated time.

In how many presentations is the concluding part as important as the introduction?

In every presentation, the concluding part is just as important as the introduction. The final presentation slide and closing remarks are your last chance to influence your audience and reinforce the central theme of your talk. Whether it’s a business presentation or any other type of public speaking engagement, ending on a powerful note ensures that your audience takes away the key message and remembers the core of what you presented.


In conclusion the art for conclude a PowerPoint presentation cover many effective strategy to engages inspire and strengthen audience understand. By uses seven different method, presenter can make strong ending that get themself heard by their viewers.

By giving out distinct directions and telling engaging stories to sharing unforgettable sayings and picturing big ideas, this methods gives power to speakers so they can make a strong mark on their listeners. Also pushing for question-and-answer interactions and bringing up thoughts that don’t got an easy end adds layers of meaning to the ending making people who’s listening feel part of it all and give them stuff to think about.

By taking on this variety of tools it not only make the people who watch feel more involved but it also guarantee that the main point of talk is really stuck in their heads. This leaves them feeling excited and pushed to do something with what they learns.

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