Playing Powerpoint On TV From USB

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Showing a Powerpoint on your TV using a USB has become very handy and works well for displaying slides especially when you don’t have access to projectors or laptops. Smart TVs are getting more popular and they can handle many different kind of files so plugging in a USB drive into your TV to play the Powerpoint is simpler than it ever been before.

This make for a smooth experience take away the need for more gadgets and give a big screen for audience to see. In this guide we talks about the steps how to set up good and play Powerpoint presentation on your TV from USB drive.

What is Powerpoint?

Powerpoint be a popular presentation program made and sold by Microsoft. It belong to the Microsoft Office collection of programs, it let people make good-looking slide shows or presentations with texts photos sounds videos charts graphs and moving pictures. It have become a main thing in business talks school teachings and other proper places because its easy-to-use interface and lots of parts that make the presentation better.

Powerpoint give users a lots of template themes and design choice so they can make professional presentations even if they doesn’t have design skills before. It also let them customize slide transitions animations and speaker notes which gives presenter more control on how they deliver and their style.

Powerpoint have many features for collaboration and sharing this let lots users to work on the same presentation at same time from various devices. It make it a popular choice for teams project or working together from far away places.

Additionally as remote work and online gatherings become more common Microsoft have brought in fresh options like live captions and subtitles making it easier for various audiences to join in presentations.

What Do You Need?

You gonna need a couple things to play that Powerpoint presentation on the TV using a USB stick. Your TV gotta support plugging in USBs and reading files what works with Powerpoint like PPTX or PPSX. A lot of new smart TVs can do this but you should double-check your TV’s specs first. You also be needing an USB drive what has plenty space for storing your presentation and it good to pick one that’s USB 3.0 cause they transfer stuff quick and gets along with most recent TVs.

Also you needs computer with Powerpoint installed for create and saved the presentation on USB drive. It also crucial to ensure version of Microsoft Office in your computer be compatible with version in your TV.

You might needs a HDMI cable if your TV don’t got a USB port or you likes to hook up your computer straight to the TV for improved resolution and controlling the presentation better.

Lastly a remote or control device for you TV be needed for navigate through the presentation. Some TV has built-in remotes on they side of screen while other might needs a separate remote or app to controlling the TV.

How To Play Powerpoint on TV from USB in 5 Easy Steps

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To play your Powerpoint presentation on TV from a USB drive here few easy steps to follow:

Step 1: Save Your Powerpoint Presentation

To get your Powerpoint shows up on a TV from a USB stick you gots to make and keep it saved on the computer first. You needs saving it in a file type what your TV understands like PPTX or PPSX.

You also gotta to make sure you checks the setting and layout for your presentation before saving them. You slides needs to be in a landscape orientation so they fits on the TV screen and any audio or video files used need to be linked not embedded this guarantees smooth playback.

Moreover when you wants to use the remote for controlling your presentation make sure you turns on Presenter View option in Slideshow tab. This let’s you sees speaker notes and what slide is next on your computer while audience watch full presentation on TV.

Moreover you can utilize rehearse timing features for setting specific amounts of time on each slide and practice your presentation before it plays on TV. This will also helps with timing and transition when you presents.

Step 2: Create a Folder on Your USB Drive

After you got all needed stuffs, the next thing is making a folder on your USB drive where you can saves your Powerpoint presentation. It be an important step since it make sure that the presentation are easy to find and organized on TV.

To make a folder put your USB stick into the computer and start up File Explorer if you uses Windows or Finder for those with a Mac. Choose the USB drive from all them devices that’s connected and do a right-click on Windows or use control-click on a Mac for to get a new folder going. Call that folder by some name what’s simple to recall so it shows that this where your presentation lives.

Then you got to open that Powerpoint on your computer, hit “File” on that toolbar up top. Pick “Save As” and tell it you want the USB drive for putting this presentation. Afterward click that folder what you made before and go ahead and press “Save”. His presentation gonna be saved right in the chosen folder on his USB stick.

You should makes separate folders for each items like images or audio files if you got a lot of presentations they helps keep everything organized in the main folder.

Step 3: Move you Powerpoint presentation onto a USB drive

Once you have saved your presentation and made a new folder on the USB drive they should move their Powerpoint from their computer over to the USB. To do that just drag and drop or even copy and pastes it from where it is now on your computer into that specific folder they created on her USB.

Ensure to verify if every file and media has been transferred successful and that it compatible with the TV specification. If you run into any problem, consulting the TV manual or getting in touch with customer support for help might be useful.

Furthermore when you got files like videos stuck in your slides they needs to be moved over onto the USB stick too and make sure they all sits in one directory with your slideshow that way it’ll play well on that television.

Step 4: Connect the USB Drive to Your TV

Now that your Powerpoint presentation be saved on the USB drive you need to plug it into they TV. Just put the USB drive into a free USB slot on the TV.

When you use a smart TV the presentation ought to shows up on its own and gets set for playing. If you hooking things up with an HDMI cable make sure that to choosing the right input channel on your television (like HDMI 1 or HDMI 2) by using that remote control of your TV.

If you isn’t seeing they presentation on your TV make sure the USB drive is correct inserted and your TV support Powerpoint presentations. If needed look at your TVs manual for special instruction on how to open and play contents from a USB drive.

Step 5: Play the Presentation on Your TV

Everything ready and hooked up it now time for play your Powerpoint on TV from USB. Uses the remote or control thing of TV for move through presentation like you does on a computer.

When you turn on Presenter View option it let you see speaker notes and the slides coming up while you give presentation. It help for watch over timing and moving from slide to slide.

Moreover if you runs into problems while the presentation like sound won’t play or videos doesn’t show right ensure to verify settings on your TV and change them as needs be.

After you done making your presentation just take out the USB from the TV and yank it from your computer without any care. You now understands how to play your Powerpoint on a TV using a USB which make sharing with lots of people more simple than before.

Does Your TV Support Powerpoint Presentations?

Not every TV have the ability to show Powerpoint presentations from an USB drive. Before you try to get your presentation up on the TV it’s crucial to confirm that their TV has support for this function. Many of today modern smart TVs can play Powerpoint straight off a USB drive but older flat-screen TVs might not boast this feature so is better you look at the manual or call customer service for make sure.

Moreover older TV models might need a certain file format so Powerpoint presentations works right. You might have to change your presentation into another file format before you put it on the USB stick. If their TV don’t play Powerpoint presentations they could use a laptop or another device for hook up with the TV and show off their slides.

It also be important for noting that all TV screens isn’t made the same. The size and resolution of your TV screen might affects how your presentation look on the screen. It recommended to previewing your presentation on TVs before you present in front of audiences to makes any need adjustments.

Moreover if your TV has extra features like picture-in-picture or split-screen mode you can use them options to show your presentation while also sharing other content like images videos alongside it.

Do play Powerpoint presentations on TV be good choice?

Playing slide shows on a television from an USB stick is handy and can work good but it not the perfect choice for all times. You gots to think about how many peoples are watching what’s in your slides and what kind of tech you got.

When you presents to a big crowd in the conference space or event place, it might be better for use projector or huge screen instead of trust on the TV’s small size. Plus if your presentation got fancy stuff like moving pictures or stuff people can click on, these might not show good on a TV and could need computer to see them right.

Moreover if you are planning to include live polls or question and answer periods in you’re presentation it might be easier for use a computer or tablet hooked up to projector for smooth interaction with audience.

Additionally if you presents in a professional environments it could be more sleek and striking to use a specialize presentation software on laptops or tablets instead of the TV.

Playing Powerpoint shows on TV from USB drive turn out good for small group or when things be casual. It save money too cause you not need to buy extra stuff like projector.

Tips for a Smooth Presentation on TV

To ensure a successful presentation on TV, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Always check beforehand: Make sure your TV supports playing Powerpoint presentations from a USB drive and that all necessary files are transferred properly.

  • Preview the presentation on the TV: Before presenting in front of an audience, preview your presentation on the TV to check for any technical issues or adjustments needed.

  • Keep it simple: To avoid any compatibility issues, stick to basic designs and features in your Powerpoint presentation. This also helps with optimizing the presentation for TV screens.

  • Have a backup plan: In case your TV or USB drive malfunctions, have a backup plan ready such as using a laptop or connecting to an external display device.

  • Avoid distractions: Make sure the TV screen is free from any distracting elements like notifications, pop-ups, or ads before starting your presentation.

  • Use a remote or control device: This will allow you to navigate through the slides without having to stand close to the TV. It also provides more flexibility and ease of movement during the presentation.

  • Practice, practice, practice: As with any type of presentation, it is important to rehearse beforehand to ensure a smooth delivery and troubleshoot any potential issues.

By following these tips and properly preparing, you can confidently present your Powerpoint presentation on TV from a USB drive with ease and impress your audience. So the conclusion is that playing Powerpoint presentations on TV from a USB drive can be a great option, but it is important to consider factors such as audience size and content complexity before deciding if it is the best option for your specific presentation.


How can I play a PowerPoint presentation on my television screen using a USB flash drive?

To play a PowerPoint presentation on a television screen through a USB flash drive, first, you need to convert your PPT files into a video format that your TV supports (e.g., MP4). Open your presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint and choose to save or export it as a video file. Once the conversion is complete, transfer the video file to your USB flash drive. Then, plug the USB drive into your TV’s HDMI port or USB input, navigate to the source input on your TV menu, and select the USB drive to play your PowerPoint slideshow on the television screen.

Can I use Apple TV to wirelessly play a PowerPoint presentation from my computer on my TV?

Yes, if you have an Apple TV connected to your television and your computer is on the same Wi-Fi network, you can use AirPlay to wirelessly stream your PowerPoint presentation from your computer to your TV. Open the PowerPoint presentation on your computer, then click on the AirPlay icon in the menu bar and select your Apple TV. Your TV will then mirror your computer’s screen, allowing you to play the PowerPoint slideshow directly on the TV.

What should I do if my TV does not recognize the video file converted from a PowerPoint presentation on the USB flash drive?

If your TV does not recognize the video file from your PowerPoint presentation on the USB flash drive, it may be due to an incompatible video format. Check your TV’s manual or support website to find out which video formats it supports. If the current format is not supported, use a video conversion tool to convert the PowerPoint video file into a compatible format. Programs like Windows DVD Maker or various online converters can help you change the file format. After conversion, transfer the new video file to your USB flash drive and try playing it on the TV again.

Is it possible to directly play PPT files from a USB flash drive on a TV without converting them to a video format?

Most televisions cannot directly play PPT files from a USB flash drive because they do not have the necessary software to run Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. The most reliable method to display a PowerPoint presentation on a TV is by converting the PPT files into a video format that the TV can recognize. By converting your presentation into a video file, you ensure broader compatibility with TVs, allowing you to play the presentation through the TV’s HDMI port or USB input without needing specific PowerPoint software.


To finish, putting Powerpoint slideshows on a television by using USB sticks is an easy and good way for show your stuff to more people. But you have got to check that your TV can do this and do what’s needed before. Plus, it might not be the top choice for each kind of presentation talk.

When you thinks about things like how many people is gonna watch, what you want to show them and the tech you got on hand, they can figure out whether showing Powerpoint slides on a TV are right for their talk. No matter which way they go with, doing these suggestions will make sure theirs presentation goes off without no hitch.

Make sure you prep good and practice ahead of time also have another plan if technical problems comes up. Keeping these things in head you can use the TV to share your Powerpoint slides and leave a strong mark on them audience.

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