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A business case be a clearly laid out paper that explains why they should go ahead with a proposed project or investment. It gives an reason for choosing some particular action and how it could affect the company’s targets and ambitions. A good business case can act like an persuasive tool to get money, resources and backing from stakeholder.

This Powerpoint template be made for make you talk about your business case good with pictures and neat sorting. It have everything a business case need like the problem say, what you want to do, how much money it save or make and what someone should do next. With this here template one can straightforward show their project worth and practicality to the folks who decide so them agree to put it into action.

In this guide we walks you through key sections of template and provides helpful tips for create a compelling business case that drive action.

What is a Business Case?

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A business case be a detailed paper that show why it’s good to go after a specific project initiative or spending. It lay out deep reasoning for the choosen path and how this fit with company targets and aims. A nicely done business case could act as strong way to get backing resources and money from stakeholder.

A business case they aim to give them who make decisions a solid grasp of what’s wrong, the ways we might fix it, and what we hope will happen. It also useful for weighing up the dangers and the good things that could come from starting the suggested work. If you do a good job putting together your business case it can show really well how much worth doing and practical a project is this help it get to go ahead more likely.

A business case assist with setting expectation and measure of success. When they define the project objectives scope and what outcomes is wanted it give a structure for check its progress and effect. This let organization see if the project have been successful in giving the results they expected.

Key Elements of a Business Case

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Business case usually have important parts that gives a full picture of the suggested project. Them parts be crucial for telling decision-maker how good and doable the project is. The next bits are what you find in a business case:

Executive Summary

The executive leader summary it be the initial and most crucial part of a business scenario. It give an outline for all of the paper emphasizing them main elements in short yet compelling way. Purpose for this piece is to grab reader attention and tempt him or her to look more into it.

In crafting the executive summary remember it no need to be more than a couple of pages. It gotta give readers a quick look at the issue being tackled, what solution is on the table, what we think gonna happen, how much benefits outweigh costs and what we suggest doing about it all. Keep your words plain and straightforward so folks not into tech can get it too.

Additionally the executive summary needs to be penned down once all other parts of the business case has been finished cause it sums up all essential info. It must reflects accurate on what’s in later sections and give a strong reasoning for why project are needed.

For make your executive summary gets attention, think to use visuals aid likes a chart or graph for show data and statistics. This can aids in get across complicated informations in way that’s visually attractive and simple to grasp.

Moreover the executive summary must always be check and tweak regular so it reflect accurate the most recent news and changes in that project. Often times, is the sole part what decision-makers looks at so making sure its understood and convincing are critical.

Problem Statement

The problem statement be a key part of a business case cause it detail out the issue that the project they proposing want to fix. It gotta clear and straight up describe what’s going down right now including any struggles or sore spots there is.

A properly crafted problem statement must to be precise, able to be measured and supported with data and proof. It need also to lay out how the issue affects the company likes financial loss less productivity or opportunities that’s not taken advantage of. Doing this helps throw light on why it’s so critical and urgent to come up with a fix.

To craft a good problem statement they needs to get key people involved who gives useful input on the matter. This make sure every viewpoint is took into account and that whatever solution comes up tackles the real reason for trouble.

Also the issue that’s been stated needs to get a review and the approval from them stakeholders then everybody can be on same page about what the problem is. Doing this gonna help in getting their backing for whatever solution you put forward.

When they define the problem clear decision maker can better grasp why specific project need to happen and what effect it might have on they organization. This help them in deciding if they should give approval and put money into project.

Proposed Solution

In the proposed solution part of a business case they outlines the suggested way to deal with problem mentioned. It suppose to give a full description about how project going to fix issue and accomplish goals it set out for.

When writing a good proposed solution he needs to include subject matter experts who gives good ideas for possible solutions. It also helps in checking if the idea can work and see what risks come with every choice.

The proposal need to tackle any worries or disagreements what stakeholders might hold about the project. It will assist in make a convincing argument for why the suggested course of action are the right way to fix the issue.

Furthermore it are crucial for providing support evidence like datas statistic or case study to support your suggested solution. This gonna add believable to they argument and helps in convincing decision maker about its effective.

Furthermore the suggestion for a solution need to be in line with organization’s goal value and strategic objective. That make sure the project fit with the overall way where the organization is heading so it get more likely to get OK’ed.

Decision maker can gets the picture of what to do by seeing a clear plan which show how project solve problem and what it does for company. This help them know if they should say yes and put money into the projects.

Objectives and Goals

Objective and goal part in a business case show what the project is trying to do. It need to be specific measurable attainable important and time-limited (SMART). This gonna help making clear win criteria and keep eye on how project going.

Objectives need to be in line with the problem statement and proposed solutions it should show how they tackles the main reason for the issue. Them also must match up with organization goals and strategic objective for make sure them significance and relevance.

It be critical for to get stakeholders in the loop when you’re making objectives and goals cause it makes sure they’re on board and willing to work towards them. This also helps keep everyone’s expectations in check and pulls in support for that project.

When you writing objectives and goals that work well it real important to mix up qualitative and quantitative ways of measuring things. This give a full picture how the project do and make it easier for figure out if it’s doing what it supposed to be doing.

Furthermore, the objectives should be reviewed and revised regularly to ensure they are still relevant, achievable, and aligned with the overall direction of the organization. This will help in adapting to any changes or challenges that may arise during the project.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

In cost-benefit analysis part of business case it outline financial implications for proposed project. It compare costs for implement project versus expected benefit like increase revenue, saving on costs or efficiency that’s improved.

When you do a good cost-benefit analysis it be important for get financial experts in the mix who knows how to right measure what costs and benefits might be. Theys helps make sure you can make smart choices about if a project’s worth it or not and what kind of money could come back from investing in it.

It’s important for considering all sorts of costs and gains when analyzing something. You got to look at the clear-cut costs which are things like machines, stuff you need, or paying workers as well as the not-so-obvious costs that doesn’t show up straight away such as the time lost getting work done or money put into teaching employees.

In doing the cost-benefit analysis it’s also important for include all them possible risks or unknowns that might affect how much money the project make. This be useful for making plans in case things go wrong and lessen bad effects.

Furthermore it are important to compare cost and benefits over the project expected lifespan for determine they long-term viability and sustainability. This will also helps in evaluating alternative solution and choosing the most financially feasible option.

Implementation Plan

Implementation plans in a business case show the steps and times needed for doing the project right. They must cover important goals, resources you need and possible problems that could pop up.

In making a good plan for doing the project you need to have project leader and team players in it cause they know what’s can be done and if the plan make sense. This help to figure out when things could get finished also spotting problems that might come up.

The plan need to have detailed breakdown of task, responsibility and timeline for every phase of project This should help in track progress and make sure everyone on same page about their role and deadline.

Furthermore it are crucial for to allocate resource effective when they make the implementation plan. This include humans resources equipments and budgets. By allocating resource efficiently the projects can be completes within proposing timeline and budget.

Risks and Mitigation Strategies

Risks and mitigation tactic section in a business case outline potential risks that might impacts the project success and propose strategies for address these. This assist on spotting potential roadblocks early on and develop plans for if things goes wrong.

To recognizing risks it be important for get stakeholders and subject matter expert involve because they gives insights into possible challenges that might come up in a project. Doing this help to make good strategies for lessen those risks.

Risks needs to be sorted and put in order depending on how likely they are to happen and the possible effect it may have on project. This way, attention can focus on high-priority risk and create suitable strategies for lessen each risks.

Furthermore it’s crucial for to keep checking and making changes on risk evaluation during the project life. This help in adjust to any change or new risks that might come up and dealing with them right.

Mitigation strategy need to get look at and change often for make sure it work good. It got to be something you can do, not cost too much, and it have to match with company rules and steps they take.

Project Timeline and Budget

In the project’s timeline and budget part of a business cases it give a detailed break-down for what time and money expected to get used up. He make sure that projects gets done in the set time frame and within them proposal budgets.

For creating the right schedule it’s super important to get project managers and the team members involved cause they can give details on how long each job gonna take. This also helps spot where things might slow down and come up with backup plans for fixing them.

In creating a budget, it need to cover all of direct expenses which includes stuff like equipment materials and work done by people also it should consider the not directly seen costs such as running the place and fees for admin work. It’s important for to take note of possible changes in how much things cost and keep some extra money aside for things you didn’t expect would come up.

Furthermore it are important to keep checking and refreshing the schedule and funds during project’s whole life. They helps in adjusting when theres new problems or obstacles popping up making sure that they project stay on track with its money plan.

Finally it essential to match up the real time frame and expense with them proposed one for judging how well they project did. This gonna also assist in spotting parts where they can get better on upcoming projects.


After look over and judging what were found, it be suggested to go ahead with the project that been proposed. The looking at costs versus benefits tell us that the good things from this could be more than what it’s gonna cost which makes sense money-wise for them people at the company.

The implementation plan lay out a detail timeline and resources allocation that help in finishing the project inside they suggested timeframe and budget. Including of risk assessment and mitigation strategy also helpin’ in tackle possible challenges effective.

So it’s suggested that they allocates needed resources and start to put the project in motion like the plan propose. They need to do regular checks and assessments all through projects life for making sure it does well and make changes if needs be.

When they puts this plan into action their company going to meet its goals and make better the way it work. This also help them to get ahead in competition in marketplace and satisfy client needs properly.

Does the Project Align with Organizational Goals?

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A important factor to keep in mind before moving forward with a project is if it fits with the organization’s objectives. Here, the suggested project plan for better operations and addressing client demands effectively which match up well with the company’s main ambition of reaching expansion and success.

Furthermore by putting this plan into action the company can get a leg up on competitors which match their aim to stay at the top of the sector. It also fits with his goal to keep getting better and offering top-notch services for client.

Moreover this project also look at potential issues what can affect the organization’s achievement like old procedures and customers not being happy. By tackling them problems the project are in line with organizations aim for constant betterment and to remain on top of industry norms.

In addition, the proposed project also aligns with the organization’s goal of efficient resource allocation. By developing a detailed implementation plan and regularly reviewing and updating it, resources can be allocated effectively to complete the project within the proposed timeline and budget.


What are business case templates, and why are they important for presentations?

Business case templates are pre-designed frameworks that help in structuring a compelling argument or proposal for business projects. These templates are crucial for presentations as they guide the presenter through the essential elements needed to persuade stakeholders or investors. By using a business case PowerPoint template or Google Slides, individuals can ensure their business presentations are organized, visually appealing, and aligned with their business objectives.

How can I find the right business case PowerPoint templates or Google Slides for my presentation?

To find the right business case PowerPoint templates or Google Slides, you can start by searching online platforms that specialize in professional presentation templates. Look for templates that offer a comprehensive structure which includes sections for your business plan, financial analysis, project management strategies, and a presentation agenda. Make sure the template aligns with the tone and style of your business case presentation.

Can you provide examples of what to include in business case slides for a successful presentation?

Successful business case slides should include an introduction to the business plan, a detailed financial analysis, clearly defined business objectives, and an overview of project management methodologies. Additionally, it’s beneficial to incorporate business case examples, identify potential risks, and highlight insights from previous projects. This ensures your audience has a well-rounded understanding of the proposal.

What is the importance of including a presentation agenda in my business case PPT?

Including a presentation agenda in your business case PPT is important as it provides your audience with a roadmap of what to expect. It sets the stage for a structured and organized presentation, allowing attendees to follow along easily. An agenda helps in managing time effectively and ensures all critical points, such as the financial analysis and project management strategies, are covered.


In conclusion, the proposed project is an important initiative for the organization as it aligns with their overall goals and objectives. It addresses potential challenges and provides a detailed plan for implementation, timeline, and budget. With proper monitoring and evaluation throughout the project’s lifecycle, it has the potential to bring significant improvements to the organization’s operations and success.

Therefore, it is recommended to proceed with the project and allocate necessary resources to ensure its success. By doing so, the organization will be able to achieve its goals and remain competitive in the market. This business case provides a comprehensive overview of the proposed project and its potential benefits for the organization, making a strong case for its implementation.

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