How to Make Presentation with PowerPoint the Full Step-by-Step Guide

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To make an engaging PowerPoint show you needs to follow a planned method that mix together the words, visuals and how it’s given without any breaks.

The step-by-step manual is made for equip speakers with know-how and tools that they needs for create presentations that grabs attention and makes a big impact. It cover everything from how you should structure your content to choosing the right visuals and making sure you delivers it really good each part carefully detailed so presenters gets an all-around grip on how to do a presentation.

Following this manual, you can gets the confidence for grabbing your audience attention make sure they understands what you wants to say and leave a lasting impression on them. It don’t matter if it’s for work school or just for yourself getting really good at PowerPoint presentation can really lift up how you talk and tell stories. Let’s go ahead and start using all that PowerPoint has to offer!

What Is the Typical PowerPoint Presentation Structure?

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Before one jump into the details for making a PowerPoint presentation they important to grasp the usual setup that most presentation follows. It provide a simple structure for presenter to stay in and make sure logic flow of information.

Introductory part: Here we lay down the basics for the talk detailing what’s gonna get talked over and why it’s mattering to them watchers. Might also throw in a quick run-through of main stuff that’s up for discussion.

  • Body of a talk is where main details and contents is presented in depth. This part can be split into several subsections every one focusing on different topic or idea.

  • Concluding parts binds all the main points and give a brief of the important lessons. It might also have call to actions or suggestions for more readings.

  1. Q&A: This optional section allows the audience to ask questions and engage in a discussion with the presenter, providing an opportunity for clarification and a deeper understanding of the topic.

These four sections provide a basic structure that can be adapted and modified depending on the specific purpose and audience of the presentation. It is important to keep this structure in mind when planning and creating a PowerPoint presentation.

Why Is Structuring a PowerPoint Presentation Important?

Creating structures for a PowerPoint presentation be essential cause of three big reasons:

  • Clearness in talkings mean that when you makes a presentation with good structure it simpler for peoples listening to get what’s being said and keep up. They can guess what gonna come up next and link thoughts together without much effort.

  • Engagement it’s about keeping a structured approach what keeps audiences hooked by holding their focus and curiosity all the way through a talk. It help to steer clear of mix-ups and dullness this make it more probable for them to remember what you’re telling them.

  • Professional behaviors: A neatly organized presentation makes the person giving it looks good as it shows they care about organization and paying attention to details. This also make what their saying seem more believable.

PowerPoint presentations needs to be clear and grab the audience’s attention for it to be a hit they doesn’t work well if their structure ain’t good enough.

Choosing Visual Elements for Your Presentation

Visual parts is really important for making a PowerPoint presentation better. When you picks visuals, it important to think about the following:

  • Relevance it’s like the visuals gotta really match up with what you’re talking about and make sure they backs up or gives more oomph to what you saying.

  • Quality of them visuals need to be real high-quality and clear they also gotta looks good so audience keeps paying attention and stay interested.

  • Simplicity be key: Complicated or too much stuffs on the screen can confuse and overload for them watching. It’s crucial to make sure visual stays plain and straightforward for to get.

  • Sticking to consistent visuals in all over your presentation make a cohesive and looking professional so it’s help audience to keep their focus on the content.

  • Accessibility make sure to think about any possible problems people might have with seeing the visuals like if colors don’t look different for some or texts are too small. Make certain that everybody in your audience can see and get what’s in the visual parts.

  • Considering these things presenters is able to choose visual stuffs that make they presentation better and supports it.

PowerPoint Basics them Components in PowerPoint Workspace what is?

The PowerPoint workspace be where presenters makes and change their slides it got different parts that can be change to fit what each person likes. Them components includes:

  • Ribbon they sits on top screen and it hold all them tabs and tools you need for make presentation. It’s broke up into parts like Home Insert Design Transitions plus others.

  • Slid pane show where all slide in presentation is displayed Presenter can add delete and rearrange slide on this page.

  • Note section let presenter put talking points for each of slides giving them extra details or rememberings while they talks.

  • Slide viewing choices: Them options let a presenter to sees they slides in various layout for example Normal Slide Sorter also Reading View.

  • Understanding these components and how they can be used will help presenters navigate and utilize the PowerPoint workspace more effectively.

Before Making a Presentation These Factors Should Be Considered

domino, circuit, element

When you makes a good PowerPoint slidem show there are some important stuffs to remember:

Choosing a Topic and Outlining Your Presentation

Start making slide, you have to be sure on what message you wants to share. Choose subject that matters and captures their attention could be a challenge your tackling an innovation or personal story. It’s crucial for having a main point for presentation to circle around.

After you figures out your subject it be time for sketching the layout of you talk. It work as a guide for making them slides and to make sure there’s a sensible progression of info. You outline need to has an opening, key points evidence or cases to back them up and ending. Remember that short and simple does better – try for clearness and compactness so you keeps the crowd hooked in.

Choosing the Right Template and Design

PowerPoint give many templates for pick but important for choose one that match the content and message he have. Think about the tone theme and how it all looks you want to show.

For designing less often mean more. Don’t pack slides with lots of words or pictures. Choose fonts that’s simple and not hard to read, don’t use many colors so you won’t overdo it for them watching. Keep in mind the design supposed to make your stuff stand out, it shouldn’t take away attention from them.

Adding Visual Elements

Visuals is strong tools in presentation cause they helps to back up your message and keeps audiences focus. Some good method for putting visuals into PowerPoint includes use image, graphings chart and video.

Pictures need to be of good quality and match the subject you talk about. You could use graph and chart for showing numbers or patterns and video can make your message more lively. Mind that you don’t break copy right rules when you choose pictures and stuff, always remember to give thanks to where it belong.

Crafting Engaging Content

In creating your presentation the stuff inside it is really what counts cause it holds info you’re itching to share with folks watching. Ensure that your content grabs attention mix up words pictures and some interactive bits like votes or trivia games.

While you make your content remember the 10/20/30 rule, it say have no more than ten slides they should last no longer than twenty minutes and always use font size of at least thirty points. It gonna help hone in on what’s key and stop listeners from getting too much info and feel overloaded.

Practicing and Delivering Your Presentation

Practicing you presentation be very important for making sure it go smoothly. Practice in front a mirror or with friend and family, make notes on anything what needs to get better.

You should to show up before time on the day you’s got a presentation for put things in place and know well the room. Makes eye contact use your hands when talking and change how you sound to keep folks listening and to seem sure of yourself. Talk plain at a speed that’s right and have answers prepared for them questions or what people might say back at you.

When preparing to make a PowerPoint presentation it is important that the person considers these several aspects. With detailed planning and focusing on them details, they can build an impactful presentation what effectively communicate they message. Remembering this advice will help he or she to craft a memorable presentation which engage people watching and leave an impression that sticks around.

How to Make Presentation with PowerPoint the Full Step-by-Step Guide

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Now we’ve gone through the PowerPoint basics and things to remember before you start making a presentation, here a guide with steps for creating one presentation using PowerPoint:

Step 1: Launch the PowerPoint Program:

Start up the PowerPoint program in your computer or maybe you use Microsoft 365 or PowerPoint Online make slideshows. A blank page and them pre-made designs is what going to show up for you to gets started on your slideshow making.

If you go for a blank presentation it let’s ya fix up your own slides but if you pick out a template then they gives you some layouts already made to pick from. Your very first slide that’s showing up in that presentation is called the title slide and when it come up there’s this box where texts go and that’s where titles and whatever infos needs putting goes in.

Step 2: Choose a Design and Layout:

Pick a design and layout that suits the feel of you presentation also adds to your material. You could select from pre-made choices or make personal ones by tweaking colours, fonts and background pictures.

Presentations in PowerPoint often has a title slide agenda or table of contents slide and slides for content with words and images. Layout drop-down menu be located on “Home” tab they can be found by right-clicking on any slide in Slide Sorter part.

Step 3: Add Content to Your Slides:

You got your design and how things go on the page, start sticking in stuff onto them slides. They need things like words, pictures, all sorts of graphs and maybe movies if you gotta. Take that plan you made to help line up what you’re gonna say so it makes sense.

Slides gotta tell folks something simple and straight but use pictures to back it up. Want another slide? Just hit that “New Slide” thing when you at the “Home” part. The slides you choose is going to match up with your layout no problemo, and remember more than one can be picked together.

Step 4: Customize Your Slides:

You could make your slides more personal by sticking in animations, transitions and slide timings. Animation makes stuff on a slide pop out more while transition help manage how one slide go to another. Slide timing let you choose how long each slides gonna stay up before it switch over by itself. You find all these options under the “Animations” tab.

Step 5: Add Charts, Pictures, Graphs, Etc:

For putting in them pictures or other eye-catching stuff into you talk slides them should hit the “Insert” section and go for what visuals fits best. Them can be like charts, photos, drawings, clips and all that. If you picking images they gotta be clear with lots of pixels so it makes sense with what you saying.

Step 6: Rehearse and Prepare to Present:

Before you give you talk, it important to practice and ensure all go well. Using the “Slide Show” tab for trying out and see how you slide gonna look on screen. You could also record your presenting for more reviewing and making it better.

Step 7: Save and Share Your Presentation:

When you is happy with yours presentation make sure to store it inside a specific folder or on cloud for easy reach. You could also give your presentation to other people by sending the PowerPoint file or show it from afar using stuff like Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Plus you might turn your presentation into PDF format this makes sharing and print more simple.

You can make and give out a presentation with PowerPoint good if you remember them steps and use your creativity for making one that look nice and keep people interested. Get started on making great presentations using PowerPoint right now.

Tips for Presenter

Now that you know how to create a PowerPoint presentation, here are some additional tips for delivering a successful presentation:

  • Practice and rehearse your presentation multiple times to ensure a smooth delivery.

  • Use visual aids such as images, charts, and graphs to support your content and keep the audience engaged.

  • Keep your slides simple and avoid overcrowding them with too much text or visuals.

  • Use a clear and concise font that is easy to read, such as Arial or Calibri.

  • Speak clearly and at an appropriate pace, making sure to enunciate your words.

  • Use hand gestures and eye contact to engage your audience and convey confidence.

  • Be prepared for questions and feedback from the audience by researching your topic thoroughly.

  • Use a remote clicker or keyboard shortcut to navigate through your slides smoothly during the presentation.

  • And most importantly, be confident and have fun while presenting!

These tips will help you deliver an effective and impactful presentation that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.


How do I start creating PowerPoint slides for my entire presentation?

To start creating PowerPoint slides, first open the PowerPoint application to see the main PowerPoint window. Then, select ‘New’ to create a new presentation. You can begin by choosing one of the many PowerPoint templates available, which will provide you with a cohesive design for your entire presentation. Add your first slide by selecting ‘New Slide,’ and customize it by adding text boxes, images, or other elements as needed.

What steps should I follow to customize a selected slide using PowerPoint templates?

After selecting a slide that you wish to customize, explore the PowerPoint templates and choose a design that aligns with your presentation’s theme. Once applied, you can further personalize the selected slide by adding or editing text boxes, inserting images, and adjusting the picture format to enhance visual appeal. Remember to keep the design consistent across all slides for a professional look.

How can I add and format text boxes in my PowerPoint presentation?

To add text boxes to your PowerPoint slides, navigate to the ‘Insert’ tab in the PowerPoint window and click on ‘Text Box.’ Click anywhere on the slide to create the text box and then type your content. To format the text, select the text box and use the formatting options available, such as font size, color, and alignment, to ensure your text is both readable and visually appealing.

What are the steps to view my entire presentation in Slide Show mode?

After completing your PowerPoint slides, you can preview your entire presentation in Slide Show mode to see how it will appear to your audience. To enter Slide Show mode, go to the ‘Slide Show’ tab in the PowerPoint window and click on ‘From Beginning’ or press F5 on your keyboard. This will start the presentation from the first slide, allowing you to view and navigate through the slides as your audience will see them.


To summarize learning how to make good PowerPoint presentations by following a detailed guide step by step gives people the power to give talks that have a big effect and keep audience interested. This handbook help someone get a full picture of how to put together a presentation from carefully planning out the story they want to tell and choosing pictures that grab attention all the way to getting better at how you talk when presenting.

When you holds tight to them key ideas speakers get the skills for not just to tell and teach but also charm and spark excitement in their listeners. It don’t matter if it’s business world school stuff or your own projects getting real good at using PowerPoint for telling stories turns talking into something like art and it let people share what they want to say clear strong and full of imagination.

By practicing hard and sticking to them basic steps, presenter can confident start on a adventure of making strong presentation that make a memorable mark and push real change.

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