How To Send A Large Powerpoint Through Email

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Sending big PowerPoint presentations through email can often feels overwhelming especially if you ain’t accustomed with the various ways and equipments out there. It get even more annoying when your file is too big than what your email service allows but there’s many strategies for sending a large PowerPoint via email without losing its quality or having to use outside storage gadgets.

This guide is gonna tell we all the different ways you could send a big PowerPoint over email. We also gonna give you some advice on how to make your presentation file smaller and suggest other ways to share big files. When they finish with this guide, them will have everything them need to know for sending huge PowerPoint presentations by email.

Why Is File Size Important?

How big a PowerPoint presentation its matters a lot specially when you tries to send it over email. Most providers of emails has got some strict rules on how much files can be big, often it’s between 10MB and maybe 25MB. That’s meaning if the presentation you made is too heavy, bigger than what they let you to send, then it won’t get attached to an email for sending like normal.

Big files sizes might make problems for them who gets your emails. Trouble they could have with downloading or the opening stuff you sent, cause of how fast their internet is and what kind that device can do. This makes talking slow and maybe get in the way when things need to happen like big works or show-and-tells. Why file size matters a lot is it changes how good your PowerPoint looks. Bigger file sizes usually means pictures are clearer fancy multimedia bits and extra special parts that makes your presentation look better.

How To Reduce The File Size Of Your PowerPoint Presentation

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We knows how crucial the file size be let’s talk on ways to shrink it but still keeping your presentation looking good. Here some hints and technique for make your PowerPoint’s file size smaller:

Compress Images

Pictures is usually the main reason for big file sizes in PowerPoint slideshows. High-definition pictures can make the size of your presentation a lot bigger which makes it hard to share via email. To make the file smaller you could squish your images and it don’t have to hurt they look good.

To do that he select an picture and head over to the “Format” tab which is on top menu bar. Then she clicks on the “Compress Pictures” in adjust group. A pop-up window gonna show up, it give them options to compress all images in their presentation or only them selected ones. They can also choose betweens various image quality option for to further reduce file size.

Additionally if you got many pictures on a single slide try to group them up before make it smaller. It gonna help cut down the total file size even further.

Minimize Multimedia Elements

Videos and sound files in you presentation can make it much bigger. You should try to use less of them elements or find other methods for adding them to your slides. Instead of putting a big video file right inside you could give out a link to that video or put a clickable picture that will take people to the web where the video is at.

Likewise if you has audio files in your presentation think about using a lower quality versions or compress it before you put them into the PowerPoint. And if you is using animations try keeping them minimum because this can too make the file size bigger.

Remove Unnecessary Slides

An good method for lessening the file size of your PowerPoint presentation is by getting rid off slides you don’t need. We often includes slides that’s not needed or doesn’t add to the presentation much. If them extra slides get taken out, it can make the file a lot smaller and still keep all the important stuff in it.

Begin by check your presentation and spotting any slides what is extra or not relating. Them might be the introductory ones, slide templates or placeholders that ain’t necessary. You could think to combine a couple of slides into a single one for cut down how many slides you have.

You can also get rid of any hidden slides that might got created by accident. These hidden slides they still use up space in the presentation and makes a file size bigger. To look for hidden slides go to “Slide Show” tab and hit “Hide Slide.” If you sees any slides that looks grayed out it’s hidden and can be gotten rid of by picking them and hitting on “Delete” button.

Besides making your PowerPoint presentation file smaller getting rid of slides you don’t need helps the presentation to move better and make more sense. This means you must look at each slide real hard and makes sure they’re all really important for what you wants to say.

Use Slide Master and Layouts

Another handy tool for reducing your presentation file-size is use Slide Master and Layouts. These tool lets you to tailor design and layout of slides making it more efficient and compacted.

When you sets themes or templates for your presentation it make sure the designs are consistent all over and lower the needs for separate format on every slides. This really cut down on file sizes specially if there is lots of slides in their presentation.

Using slide layouts, it let you add and edit stuff easy without messing up the whole design. This be really useful when making presentations with lots of people or for changes and updates later on.

Save as PDF

A different method for lessening file size of ones PowerPoint presentation be by saving them as PDFs. Them format make easy share and look on various device but not compromise quality of the presentation.

To save you PowerPoint as a PDF they need to go ‘File’ and hit on “Export.” Next them should pick “Create PDF/XPS Document” and choose options what make the file size just right. You can change picture quality and how sharp it is in the “Options” menu before you does save.

Saving you presentation as a PDF can also prevents others from edit or make change to your slides ensuring they receive the intended version of your presentation.

Use a File Compression Tool

When everything else don’t work you can still rely on a file compression tool for making your PowerPoint presentation smaller. Them tools work with fancy math methods to make files tinier but not mess up how good they look.

WinZip 7-Zip and WinRAR is some well-known file squishing programs them can get from the internet they provides different choices for making various kind of files smaller like PowerPoint slideshows.

Before using a file compression tool, make sure to double-check the settings and adjust them accordingly. You don’t want to compress your presentation too much and end up with a low-quality version. It’s always a good idea to make a backup of your original file before using any compression tool.

In addition to reducing the file size, using a file compression tool can also make it easier to send your presentation through email or upload it online.

So with these tips, you can effectively decrease the file size of your PowerPoint presentation without compromising its quality or content. By being mindful of multimedia elements, removing unnecessary slides, utilizing slide master and layouts, saving as a PDF, and using a file compression tool, you can create more efficient and compact presentations that are easier to share and store.

How To Send Your Presentation Through Email

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Even after you done all them things for make your PowerPoint slides smaller you might still got problems to send it in a email. Them email services usually puts limits on how big an attachment can be and fat presentations could be too much for this limits.

To dodge this issue you can utilize file sharing services like Google Drive or Dropbox for share your presentation with other peoples. These service lets you to uploads the files and creates a link that be shared through emails.

There’s also a choice for squeezing your presentation down before you sends it off as an attachment. Like was talked about before, stuffs for compressing like WinZip and 7-Zip does the job good at making files smaller but not messing up their quality. You might want to think of changing that presentation into PDF too which is normally not taking up as much space than what PowerPoint files do.

While you send your presentation over email it also important to think about the recipient’s email provider and possible restrictions they might have. If you can try to figure out what’s the biggest attachment size their email service let them get and change your file so it fits. Or you could see if they want the presentation sent by a file sharing service instead.

Besides just considering how big your file be, you also got to think about what’s actually in it and why you’re emailing this presentation. Make sure whoever gets it knows exactly what they supposed to do with it. Giving them a rundown or some directions makes sure there’s no mix-ups or wrong ideas about what’s expected.

Finally when you send you presentation by email pay attention to what the file called. Having a simple clear name for your file makes it easy for person getting it to find and recognize especially if they gets lots of files.

How Cutting Down on File Size Make a Big Difference for Them PowerPoint Slide Shows

Shrinking your PowerPoint presentation file size might feels like a unneeded and long task but it could brings many big advantages.

First smaller file sizes make it easy for store and share your presentations with the growing use of cloud storage and email as a means to communicate having less bulky files saves times and efforts when you’re sending or storing presentation. It also reduce chance of running into problem with attachment size limit.

Also smaller file sizes is improving the general performance of your presentation big files might take more time for loading and moving through causing delays and disruption while a presenting by making them less big you ensures a more fluid present experience for both yourself and they audience.

Moreover, smaller file sizes also makes collaborating with other on presentation more smooth. When many peoples works on the same PowerPoint, having a compact file size let for quicker sharing and editing without any loss of quality.

Another important thing are accessibility. Not all might have access for high-speed internet or the latest software that capable to handle big files. By make the file size smaller you ensure your presentation is easy get to by a lot more people without any technical problem.

Lastly when you makes your PowerPoint presentations file size smaller it promote environmental sustainability. Big files take up more storage space and needs more energy for send and handling which adds to carbon emissions.

Alternatives options for PowerPoint presentations

While Microsoft PowerPoint remains the go-to choice for creating presentations, there are several alternative options available for those looking for a change or seeking more specialized features.

One popular alternative is Google Slides, which is free and accessible through any web browser. It offers similar features to PowerPoint, such as templates, animations, and collaboration tools, making it a suitable option for creating presentations.

Another popular choice is Prezi, which offers a more dynamic and visually appealing presentation style. It uses a zooming interface rather than traditional slides, allowing for a more interactive and engaging experience for the audience.

For those looking for more advanced features and customization options, tools like Keynote (for Mac users) and Adobe Spark are worth considering. These programs offer a wide range of design templates, animations, and multimedia options to create professional-looking presentations.

There are also several online presentation platforms such as Canva and Visme that allow users to create visually appealing presentations with drag-and-drop tools and pre-designed templates.

Additionally, some other alternatives focus on specific purposes or industries. For example, ProPresenter is ideal for creating presentations for church or worship services, while Pitch is designed specifically for sales and marketing presentations.


What are some effective methods for sending large PowerPoint files via email?

Due to email providers’ file size limits, sending large PowerPoint files directly through email can be challenging. One effective method is to upload the PowerPoint file to a cloud storage service (like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive) and then send a link to the file in your email. Another option is to compress the PowerPoint file into a zip file, which may reduce its size sufficiently to meet email size limits. Both methods help you bypass the restrictions and ensure the recipient receives the presentation files intact.

Can I convert my large PowerPoint file into a PDF file for easier emailing?

Yes, converting your large PowerPoint file into a PDF file is a practical solution for reducing its size, making it easier to send via email. While this might slightly alter the appearance of your PowerPoint slides, PDF files are generally more compact and widely accessible across different devices and platforms. This conversion can be done directly from PowerPoint or using online tools that convert PPT files to PDF format.

How does using a cloud storage service help in sharing large PowerPoint presentation files?

Using a cloud storage service allows you to upload and store large PowerPoint presentation files online. Instead of attaching the large file directly to an email, you can simply send a link to where the file is stored on the cloud service. This method not only circumvents the email file size limits but also provides an easy way for recipients to access and download the presentation at their convenience.

Is it possible to use a fax service provider to send a large PowerPoint file if email isn’t an option?

While less common for sending PowerPoint files, a fax service provider that supports digital formats could be used as an alternative to email. However, this would typically involve converting the PowerPoint slides into a PDF file first, as fax services usually send documents in PDF format. Keep in mind that this method might not be ideal for preserving the original quality and interactivity of your PowerPoint presentation.


To sum up making you PowerPoint presentations smaller in file size can lead to lot’s of good things like it being simpler to store and share running smoother be more easy for peoples with different abilities to use and helps the environment. If you shrink pictures down and cut out stuffs that isn’t needed your presentation won’t take up so much space but they still looks just as great.

But if you still run into problems with attachment limits while sending the presentation over email there’s other choices like using file sharing services or changing your file to a more compact format such as PDF. Plus for them who want to try out various presentation tools and software there be many different alternatives out there each with their own special features and reasons.

Ultimately, it’s essential to consider the purpose and audience of your presentation when choosing a method for reducing file size and selecting a presentation tool. By making the effort to reduce file size and explore alternative options, you can enhance your presentation experience and make it more accessible for all individuals involved.

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