This Or That Powerpoint: A Guide to Making Effective Presentations

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Presentations is very important for today business and learning. They acts as a way to share knowledge convince people involved and hold the attention of listeners. But not every presentations are same – some is dulls and not remembered while other one be exciting and sticks in minds. The big difference lie on the presenter abilities and how they makes their presentation.

In this manual we’ll concentrate on making good presentations by using This Or That Powerpoint. The presentation program has lots of features and tool that make your slides better and keep your audience interested. It don’t matter if you is a student business professional or someone who wants to get better at presenting their ideas this manual gonna give helpful advice and techniques for taking advantage of This Or That Powerpoint.

What is This Or That Powerpoint?

That Or This Powerpoint be a well-liked presentation program made by Microsoft. It belong to the Microsoft Office Suite and have been widely use since it release back in 1987. The user-friendly software let user make dynamic and visual attractive slides for presenting, which make him a crucial tool for professional, educator and student alike.

This Or That Powerpoint got a big plus for being so adaptable. You gets loads of options and gadgets to tweak them slides, like putting in fancy moves and switches or sticking in stuff like pictures, clips, and sound bits. It’s lets folks making the presentation reel in their watchers with cool and lively shows.

On top of its features This Or That Powerpoint got a easy-to-use interface which make it simple for starter to move around and put together their own presentations. It also give all kind of templates and design choices so people have a place to start with they slides and it save them time when they are making designs.

Plus, This Or That Powerpoint is compatible with different devices and platforms, allowing presenters to deliver their presentations without any technical difficulties. It also allows for easy collaboration, as multiple users can work on the same presentation simultaneously.

Why Use This Or That Powerpoint?

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This Or That Powerpoint be a top choice for professional educator and student when it come to presentation software they got lots of reasons. It have plenty features and tricks that can spruce up your slide make ’em look real good. You wanna throw in some moving pictures or maybe put together bits that talk back This Or That Powerpoint let presenter put on a show what’s lively and holds the crowd’s eye.

Another motive for utilizing This Or That Powerpoint are it’s welcoming interface. The programs offer a variety of template and design choices, make them simple for newbies to craft polished and expert-looking slide even without previous design experience. This save the presenter time and efforts in designing process let them concentrate on giving they content effectively.

Moreover that This Or That Powerpoint be highly compatible which make it accessible across varied devices and platform. It let presenter deliver their presentation with no technical difficulty promise a smooth experience for both themself and the audience.

Additionally them This Or That Powerpoint gives simple collaborating features that let many users work on the same presentation at once. It’s special good for group project and team presentations cause it make a smooth and efficient process.

Lastly That Or This Powerpoint, have been around since many years and keep getting updated so it can meet changing needs of ones who present stuff. It has showed itself to be dependable and trusted presentation program making they a favorite pick for professionals across different work areas.

Do This or That Powerpoint help make you’re presentations more effective?

Sure thing! This Or That Powerpoint have lots of feature and tools what can make you presentation better. You get customizable templates design choices and ways to add multimedia which lets presenter make slides that look good and grab people’s attentions.

Furthermore That This Or That Powerpoint let presenters to includes animation and transitions which make their slides more lively and captivates. It help for breaking up the dullness of normal slide presentations and holds the audience attention all through.

Moreover the software provide features like presenter view it let presenters to see they notes and up next slides while they gives the presentation. This can helps them keep on path and give their contents without a hitch not forgetting any crucial points.

This Or That Powerpoint also lets you to put in multimedia stuff like pictures video and sounds. This be real good for showing hard data or ideas because visual help can make info easier for people to get.

Utilizing This Or That Powerpoint effectively have the potential to significantly boost how well a presentation do. It lets presenter make slides that’s engaging, looks good and is orderly which can really get their point across and make audience remember it for long time.

Does This Or That Powerpoint Have Any Limitations?

Any software got their limits and This Or That Powerpoint ain’t no exception. Users gotta know ’bout this stuff. A big limit is how it leans heavy on them flashy visuals and multimedia stuff. Sure, they fancy up a talk but never should they steal the spotlight from who’s talking or what they saying. Finding that sweet spot is key – you gotta use multimedia smart-like to back up whatever it is you’re spilling out there.

Additionally them This Or That Powerpoint slides can get too packed with details which makes it too much for folks in the audience to take in and keep up. Presenters ought shoot for making their slides brief and utilize bullet points or short bits rather than long-winded sentences.

Another drawback be being too dependent on tech stuff. Whenever there’s a glitch in the gizmos or if the person showing ain’t comfy with the fancy software things can get messed up proper quick. It vital for them giving talks to keep a plan B stuffed up their sleeve when gadgets act nutty and they oughta rehearse with that This Or That Powerpoint before doing their thing.

Moreover this “This Or That” PowerPoint might not be fit for all kind of presentation or crowd. Like if you show to a group where there’s people with trouble seeing using just visual aids may not work good. Presenters got to think about who they talking to and change up how they present as needed.

Steps to Create an Effective Presentation Using This Or That Powerpoint

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To make a good presentation with This Or That Powerpoint, you need to plans and do it just right. Some step for follow if you want your presentation be effective are:

Know your audience

Before you makes a presentation, it important to understand who the audience be. This knowledge help you decide what kind of tone, how formal or casual your presentation need to be and what content should include for them peoples. When you know who your audience is, it make easier to customize your message so it hit home with them and holds they attention from start till end.

To get a good grasp on who your audience is thinks hard about stuff like how old they is, what job they do, what things they likes to do and how much stuffs they already knows about the subject at hand. This kind of details can help you make content that really hits the mark and keeps them interested.

Additionally you should think about where the presentation is gonna be. It a formal conference room or maybe a casual classroom? That could change how formal or relaxed your talk should sound.

Plan your content and structure

Once you has identified your audience it important to plans your contents and structures accordingly. This include determining the main messages you want to conveys as well as organizing you content in a logical and easy to follow manners.

You might find it useful to make a plan or sketch of you’re presentation before you begin making slides. This ensures all key points gets included and the information’s flow makes sense.

Also think about how long your talk is supposed to be and give time for every part like that. It helps you keep pace and not run out of time.

Choose a suitable template or design

This Or That Powerpoint give you lot of templates and styles for pick. When you picking template think about the main feel or tone your presentation wanna show. Choosing a design what goes well with your content is important and should not take away attention from it.

Also make sure to watch the color schemes and font picks. Don’t use too many colour or complex fonts cause it can make you slides look messy and not professional. You should stay with a couple consistent color and font all through the presentation for a unified appearance.

Use visuals strategically

Mentioned before pictures can really make a presentation better but you should use them in smart ways. Pick pictures what helps the information they shown instead of just making it look nice.

Ensure visuals is of top-notch quality and simple to make sense of. If needs be add short descriptions or a caption that gives background for the visual.

Also you must thinks about where visuals is put on your slide. Not do overcrowding slides with too much pictures or place them so it’s hard for peoples to pay attention to the main thing you’re talking about.

Limit text on slides

Many presenters makes the mistake of cramming too many words on their slides which overwhelms people making them get bored.

Use bullet point or short phrase help make it easy for audience to follows and hold onto information.

Make sure you know, your slide are meant as visual help not the thing to read from. The person presenting supposed to be the main info giver and they uses their slides for add extra stuff to what they saying.

Practice and time your presentation

After you make your presentation it’s important to practice and timing them before. This help you get familiar with the content and makes sure that you can deliver it in the time given.

Practice also let you spot parts what might need to get better or be clearer. It also good if a workmate or pal hears your talking and give comments.

Timing you presentation be very important cause if you go over the time given it can come off rude to them watching and throw off the event timing. Use one timer or get somebody for watching the clock while you doing practice.

Engage with the audience during the presentation

Keep audience hooked, you gotta talk with them all during your show. You can throw questions, get their thoughts or maybe do a fast vote.

Talking to your audience make for a more lively and two-sided talk wouldn’t you think instead of just talking at them. It show that their thoughts is important and make them want to listen up and get involved.

Moreover if you can add it in your talk think about using interactive parts like quiz or game. These can makes the presentation more enjoyable and unforgettable for people watching.

Use animations and transitions sparingly

While animations and transitions do adds visual interests to a presentation they should used sparingly. Many flashy animation can be distracting and takes away from the main messages of presentations.

Choose animations and transitions that are subtle and complement the content being presented. Avoid using them just for the sake of having visual effects.

Also, make sure to use consistent animations and transitions throughout the presentation. This creates a cohesive look and avoids jarring changes between slides.

Use presenter view for guidance

Presenter view is a useful tool that allows presenters to have a separate view of their presentation while the audience sees only the slides. This can be especially helpful for larger presentations or ones with multiple presenters.

Presenter view also allows the presenter to see notes and cues for each slide, making it easier to stay on track and remember important points.

However, it is important to practice using presenter view before the actual presentation to avoid any technical difficulties or distractions during the event.

Tips for faster and more efficient presentations

In addition to following the guidelines above, here are some tips for making your presentation faster and more efficient:

  • Use keyboard shortcuts: Instead of clicking through menus and options, use keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate through your slides or access various tools.

  • Rehearse timings: If you have a strict time limit for your presentation, rehearse the timings of each slide to ensure you stay on track.

  • Use templates or pre-made designs: Instead of creating a presentation from scratch, use pre-made templates or designs to save time and create a professional look.

  • Keep consistent formatting: Use consistent formatting throughout your slides to maintain a cohesive and organized look. This includes font styles, colors, and alignment.

  • Use a remote or clicker: If possible, use a remote or clicker to advance slides and control the presentation. This allows you to move around more freely and engage with the audience.

  • Have backup files: Always have backup copies of your presentation in case of technical difficulties. This could include saving it on a USB drive or emailing it to yourself.

  • Include a Q&A session: Leave time at the end of your presentation for a Q&A session. This allows the audience to ask questions and clarifications, making it a more interactive experience.

By following these tips and guidelines, you can create an effective and efficient presentation that will engage your audience and effectively convey your message. Remember to practice, use visuals strategically, and engage with your audience to make the most out of your presentation.


What is the “This or That” PowerPoint game and how does it help kids learn?

The “This or That” PowerPoint game is an engaging and interactive classroom activity designed to make learning fun for kids. It presents two options on each slide, and students choose their preference. This awesome resource helps kids learn by encouraging decision-making, critical thinking, and class participation. It’s a fantastic way to keep kids engaged and thinking during the school year.

Can I get this game in Google Slides format to use in my classroom?

Yes, you can! The “This or That” game is available in both PowerPoint file format and Google Slides format. This ensures that regardless of your preference or the resources available at your school, you can download this resource and make learning more dynamic for your class. It’s designed to be an easy-to-use resource for teachers looking to incorporate digital tools into their teaching methods.

How can I download and print the “This or That” PowerPoint game for my school?

To download the “This or That” PowerPoint game, simply look for the download link provided with the resource. Once downloaded, you can open the file in PowerPoint or Google Slides. Although the game is primarily designed for digital use to foster interactive learning, you can print the slides if needed. Please note, the file size is not very big, making it easy to download even with limited internet bandwidth.

Is the “This or That” PowerPoint game suitable for the entire school year?

Absolutely! The “This or That” PowerPoint game is a versatile resource that can be used throughout the school year. It includes a wide range of topics and scenarios that are relevant to different subjects and times of the year. The game encourages kids to think and express their preferences, fostering a lively and interactive learning environment. Plus, teachers can customize the game with their own questions to keep the content fresh and tailored to their class’s learning needs.


To wrap things up making a good slideshow need careful plan, using images smartly and talking to people watching. By putting little text on slides practicing and watching the clock when you talk, not overdoing it with moving pictures and making use of that special speaker screen them can make for a way better show.

Additionally follow tips like using keyboard shortcuts and templates keep formatting consistent, and make sure to have backup files they help your presentation be quicker and more efficient. Always remember leaving time for a Q&A at the end it encourage audience to participate.

You follow this guide and trick you can sure give a good talk that get your point across and hold the people listening interest. So make ready good for the next time you have to show! Have fun talking!

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