The top 5 presentation rules to impress your audience

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The Five Rules of Presentation

A good presentation is multidimensional. It combines written words, spoken language, and visual storytelling to tell a story. It should be free of unnecessary details, including jargon and ambiguous terms. However, if you are making a presentation, you should keep a few key rules in mind. Don’t write long, complete sentences. Instead, focus on a single idea at a time. Make the audience feel involved.

5/5/5 Rule

The 5/5/5 Rule of presentation structure is one way to structure your slides without being too difficult to follow. Although it isn’t applicable to every presentation, this simple rule can help you structure your presentation. It can help you summarize your ideas, make your slides look more visually appealing, and increase your audience’s engagement. The 5/5 Rule of presentation structure can also help you avoid using long blocks of text that can bore your audience.

The 5/5/5 Rule of presentation breaks the content into 3 main areas: optimizing the scope of each slide, designing the elements of the slides, and preparing for the presentation. For each of these areas, you can focus your time wisely. This way, you won’t be losing any key ideas. The rule also helps you prioritize the most important messages. Once you’ve identified which points you need to emphasize, use the 5/5 Rule of presentation to make them stand out and be memorable.

The ideal slide includes short sentences and simple text. Often, people try to cram too much information on a single slide. But experts suggest that you stick to 15 slides. Moreover, the 5/5 Rule of presentation states that you should stick to no more than 5 lines of text per slide, with no more than 5 texts on consecutive slides. Avoid using overly complex animations or conflicts of colors. These elements can distract your audience and make them look for other things. Keep your slides simple and focused. 


When giving a presentation, the structure should match the content. However, this is easier said than done. There will always be people who are not fully convinced of your presentation. In this case, the 5/5/5 rule can help you. But before you can start presenting to your audience, you must know how to design your presentation. Here are the five rules you should follow. They can make your presentation more effective. Follow them and you’ll be well on your way to presenting with confidence. A good design can do a lot for you and is on of the most important presentation rules.


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Always keep in mind that your audience may be easily distracted during a presentation. They may check their emails or take lunch. So, you should stay focused during your presentation by following the five rules. One such rule is the clarity of your main point. The other rules include using figures where possible and short text that’s redundant with verbal descriptions. Remember that the more you know the subject matter, the better. If you have trouble following these guidelines, ask a colleague to help you.

The five rules of presentation template is designed with the audience in mind. This template contains useful tips on visual design, visual presentation, and hand motion. It also includes an audio track that helps to clarify any ambiguity. The five rules of presentation template is very entertaining and interactive and contains excellent design elements. It’s easy to follow along if you follow the instructions provided in the template. This template also has instructions on how to replicate each effect so that it will work for your presentation.


When making a presentation, timing is an essential component. Timing is one of the most important presentation rules. If your presentation runs over time, you risk having a disorganized, poorly presented presentation. A good rule of thumb is to check your pace every ten or fifteen minutes to ensure that you’re moving along at the appropriate pace. You can also take more time than you planned to answer audience questions. Regardless of the length of your presentation, time your content accordingly to ensure that your audience is entertained.


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The best time management tip for a presentation is to determine how long it will take you to cover each slide. Don’t spend an even number of minutes on each slide. Some slides take just a few seconds, while others may take several minutes. Make sure you note the length of each slide and stick to it to avoid a last minute rush. By following this rule, you’ll be on track to make sure you’re able to complete every slide in a timely manner. These were the top 5 presentation rules. If you want to learn more about presenting watch the video linked down below.